It's time for a quick update.

This week I published 5 episodes in Build Real App with Vue and Express series. There is one unusual episode dedicated to scraping web content, which I think you will find interesting.

Here is the quick list of episodes:

06. Objection Model and Fake Authentication Middleware

In this episode we'll setup objection js library and create our first model - that would be User model. Then we'll implement fake authenticate middleware and connect vue app to our api via proxy.

07. Custom Bootstrap Theme, Navbar, Spinner and Vuex Getter

In this episode we'll tweak bootstrap default theme a little bit by customizing bootstrap framework with SCSS variables. We'll create top navigation bar and we'll introduce our first vuex getter - isAuthenticated, which we'll use to render menu for authenticated users. And then we'll create loading spinner component and register it as global component so we can use it across our application

08. Board Game Geek Scraper

In this episode we'll become hackers and scrap some data from board game geek website. This way we'll have data to work with plus we'll figure out the shape of board game model.

09. Typeahead For New Game Form

In this episode we'll start building adding new game to user's collection functionality. First we'll create navigation link and a page. Then we'll implement typeahead searching for the game and make it to make request to the server.

10. Boardgame Model and Simple Search for Autocomplete

In this episode we'll implement games search and we'll see what kind of problems we'll encounter in the process. Also we'll make our typeahead component's suggestion list look better.

11. Add New Game Form: Part 1

In this episode we start on New Game Form. First we'll learn how to pass data from one component to another. Then we'll use this data to render game information. And after that we'll query server for game expansions and display them as a list of checkboxes for user to choose from.

That's it for this week.