Another week came to an end. So the time has come for a quick update.

  1. This week I implemented simple integration with Slack, so now, every time new episode is published notification about it is pushed to Slack community, so if you want to know when new episodes are live don't forget to join Slack.

2. 5 new episodes are published this week for total duration of 1 hour 40 minutes. There are 3 episodes left until we finish this complex BREAD (browse, read, edit, add, delete) feature we're working on, and then we'll move to the core of app - tracking playing sessions.

3. I started to publish these videos for free on YouTube and make them free on as well. They will come up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Only these 18 episodes will become free with time, everything else after it will be available exclusively on You can find free episodes on Series page:

And here is a list of episodes published this week:

12. Add New Game Form: Part 2

In this episode we'll continue with new game form. First, We'll add ownership and tracking options to our form: for that we'll use checkboxes and radio buttons. Then we'll create very cool form button component, which we'll reuse in every form. And then we'll send form data to server. To do that we of course will create new vuex action and place it in separate vuex module.

13. Save Game Data in Database

In this episode we'll save game data in database. For that we'll create database tables with migrations, then we'll define models with relationships between them and then we'll save data with Objection upsertGraph feature. And at the end we'll add simple server-side validation.

14. Normalize Deeply Nested Data

In this episode we'll fetch all user's games data, normalize it and save in vuex store.

15. Games List Page

In this episode we'll put our normalized data to good use and create Games Page where we'll render all user's games. For that to work we'll need to combine data in getters, so we'll learn how we can use getters inside other getters. And lastly we'll normalize and add all data to vuex store when user add new game to collection - so it appears in the list right away.

16. Game Page

In this episode we'll create Game Page. For that we'll extract code in couple of additional components and we'll see how we can combine data even further with getters.

That's it for today.

Thank you very much for your time and have a great week.