Another week passed by so it time for an update.

The main update for platform is that now it accepts PayPal. So if you don't trust my bank's payment processor (you shouldn't though, it's reliable and I don't store any information about your card on my side, I don't even see it) you now can simply click on that nice shiny blue button.

In other news - another two episodes become free and available both on YouTube (with ads) and on JSFullstacker platform (without any ads).

And Build Real App with Vue and Express is getting stronger with another 5 new episodes published this week:

17. Delete Game

In this episode we'll implement game deletion. And we'll add confirmation dialog in the process. Also we'll see how we can access state in Vuex actions.

18. Populate GameForm with Data

In this episode we'll see how we can reuse GameForm component both for creating and editing a game. We'll refactor duplication along the way and see how to pass parameters to getters.

19. Update Game

In this episode we'll finish with BREAD feature for games at last by implementing game editing. First, we'll send put request to server Then we'll implement update on server. And after that we'll clean up some trash data on client.

20. Create Playing Session Page

In this episode we'll start on Playing session form. We'll reuse typeahead solution, to search through user's games in this case. We'll populate page with data for selected game. And we'll make our page more useful simply by adding query parameter to url for it. And finally we'll tackle a small gotcha with route change.

21. Player Model and Participants List

In this episode we'll create Player model and seed existing users with predefined players. Then we'll add new Vuex modules for players, and fetch players from server and populate this module with them. For that we'll define new normalize schema as well. And after that we'll create list of players and add first player to it.

That's it for today.

Thank you very much for your time and have a great week.