It was a long time since last update - I tried different things in this time and decided to change JSFullstacker to regular content delivery model. This format is more engaging and more interesting to make.

So today is the day I pushed huge update to JSFullstacker website. You still can login and get access to the React course if you bought one. But also now there is additional subscription-based content. Right now the main series is Build Real World App with Vue and Express with JWT Authentication in Depth coming up in couple of weeks.

New content will appear at rate of at least 5 episodes per week.

And here is what in works right now and will be published in upcoming months:

  • Build Real World App with Vue and Express (ongoing)
  • JWT Authentication in Depth (in editing)
  • Master Testing: Vue Edition (in script phase)
  • Master Testing: React Edition
  • Master Testing: Node Edition
  • Master Your Editor: Vim Edition
  • Practical Functional Programming
  • Learn Elm to Get Redux (idea phase)
  • Working with SQL databases in Javascript (idea phase)
  • Working with Sockets

Don't hesitate to reach me by email or twitter if you have an idea for a good series. ;)

Thank you very much for your time and have a great day,